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Trellian ImageMapper

Did you know that you can create clickable regions for your HTML images?

Trellian Image Mapper is the quickest way to create image mapped images for your website.

Download ImageMapper

Full support for hyperlinked rectangles, circles and even polygon regions is provided and you can import all your current image maps.

After you have created your image map, Trellian Image Mapper will generate the required HTML code ready to be pasted directly into your favorite HTML editor.

You can even use the built-in image map previewer.

Trellian ImageMapper features include:

  • Imports your current image maps.
    If you have existing Image maps with in your site, Trellian ImageMapper will import these for further editing.
  • Supports all image map shape types including rectangles, circles and polygons.
    Enabling you to create varied map sizes and shapes, giving you a great amount of flexibility
  • HTML code generation and built in image map previewing.
    No need to fiddle around with html code and map co-ordinates, Trellian Image Mapper does this for you quickly and easily. You can also preview your work.
  • Supports alternate text and target frame hyperlinks.
    Simply view the properties of your image map and edit your alternate text and edit how your link opens in the browser window.
  • PNG Support
    Trellian Image mapper fully supports the PNG image format, in addition to other graphic formats.
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