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Keyword Analyzer Overview
Keyword Analyzer Overview

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To effectively optimize your web site to gain a higher placement on the search engines, you need to optimize the keyword content of your web pages. You should aim for at least a 3% keyword density for all important search terms. But how do you do that and what does a 3% density really mean?

You also need to know what people are searching for and make sure that the MOST searched for phrases relevant to your business, appear in your web pages. If a key search phrase is not in at least one of your pages, you are missing out on all the potential traffic the search phrase generates.

The KeywordAnalyzer will analyze the keyword and phrase usage in your web pages. Calculate the densities and suggest all the most commonly searched terms to include in your web pages.

Once you get used to using Keyword Analyzer, you will wonder how you ever did without it.


  • Εργαλείο πρότασης όρων αναζήτησης
  • Ανάλυση πυκνότητας λέξεων-κλειδιών
  • Λειτουργία εξαγωγής
  • Αναλυτικές αναφορές
  • Copy & Paste popular search terms directly into your web page
  • Simple, attractive interface
  • FREE technical support


  • Comprehensive analysis to help you improve your keyword content.
  • Identify the most commonly searched for terms on the internet.
  • Create search engine friendly websites to maximize the available search engine traffic.
  • Do the work that only Webmasters and SEO professionals specialize in.
  • Quick and easy operation.