FtpWolf Tips

FTPWolf - General Information & Questions - This is a basic guide on how to use FTPWolf

The first thing to do when you are going to use FTPWolf is to make sure you have an Internet connection.

If you connect to the Internet through a Proxy Server then click on "Options/Preferences" menu, and enter in the relevant details.

To search for a file using FTPWolf type in a filename or part of a file name into the search box.

Then limit the search to how many results you wish to have displayed, you can also select whether it will find only exact matches.

Once the search is complete and even while the search is still going the list to the right of the main screen will be filling up with matches.

This is also where you can select the file you wish to down load. Simply doubleclick or right click the file and then click down load.

The tabs next to the "Search Results" tab allow you to manually browse for files, this could take a long time and the file that your looking for might not be there.

To select which FTP search engines you wish to search in, tick the boxes off in the list on the left of the main screen.

When you select the view page after a search is complete, a new window will appear and in it you will also be able to select the files you wish to download.

In the window you can select the "summary" which displays the entire list of files or you can select individual FTP Search Engines.