FtpWolf is an Internet file search utility. It can search, filter and compile the results from 26 FTP engines on the Internet and deliver the Information to your browser for downloads.

FtpWolf can search most of the world's FTP search engines concurrently, via a single interface, and in a matter of seconds.

The easiest way to search FTP sites for your files.

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FtpWolf Features
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Download FtpWolf
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Features include:
  • FIND 10000's of Software, shareware, freeware files!
  • FAST concurrent searches.
  • ADVANCED search options to allow you to narrow your search.
  • FIND ftp files that are not even listed on the search engines!
  • VERIFIES files for you to avoid dead links.
  • DETAILED reports sorted and delivered to your web browser for easy download.
  • FREE technical support.
  • PROXY server support.
  • MULTIPLE Award Winner!