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Connecting to an FTP site

To connect to an FTP server click the Connect button. Trellian FTP will display the Profile Manager.

Trellian FTP includes a list of popular FTP sites.To connect to a pre configured FTP server select an FTP server from the FTP Servers list and click the Connect button. The Hammer function continually attempts to connect to a full FTP server without waiting the usual retry time. Note: Some FTP servers will ban your IP address for hammering

To connect to a different FTP server click New to enter the details of a new FTP site. When finished, click the Save to save the new site for future use. Click the Connect button to connect to the new site.

Profile Name
A name for the FTP site profile

Host Address
The address of the FTP site eg.

The port to connect on. Usually 21 for FTP.

The username used to access the FTP site

The password used to access the FTP site

Anonymous Login
Tick this checkbox to login anonymously

Save Password
Tick this checkbox to save the password

Used by some old FTP servers. Leave blank if unknown

Local Directory
The path of the local directory to display

Remote Directory
The path of the remote directory to display

Use Passive Transfer Mode PASV
Permits FTP access through firewalls and NAT by allowing the client to initiate data transfers.

Convert filenames to Lower case
Converts all filenames to lower case letters

Convert directories to Lower case
Converts all directory names to lower case letters

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