Trellian FTP Printable version Overview Features Registration System Requirements Upgrading Support Using Trellian FTP Before Starting Connecting to an FTP Server Transferring Files Disconnecting from an FTP Server Batch Transfers Directory Compare Preferences Language Settings Options Firewall/Proxy Sound Auto-rename Interface Menu Options Program Buttons

Features Overview

  • Do it yourself - fast, easy and economical way to transfer files on the Internet

  • Drag and Drop Support - Makes using Trellian FTP a breeze

  • Download and Upload Resume

  • Easy to use interface

  • MultiSite Connect - Browse and Download files from multiple FTP servers at once

  • URL Download - Simplify downloading from FTP:// and HTTP:// links on webpages

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Remote File Editing - Edit files right off your FTP server

  • Failed Connection Retry

  • Large list of popular FTP sites from the internet

  • Remote File Compare - Automatically determines the files that need to be uploaded