Trellian FTP Printable version Overview Features Registration System Requirements Upgrading Support Using Trellian FTP Before Starting Connecting to an FTP Server Transferring Files Disconnecting from an FTP Server Batch Transfers Directory Compare Preferences Language Settings Options Firewall/Proxy Sound Auto-rename Interface Menu Options Program Buttons

Menu Options

Connect Displays the Profile Manager
Disconnect All Disconnects from all FTP Server connections
Save Log Saves the connection log to a file
Upgrade Connects to the Trellian server then checks for the availability of automated Software Upgrades/Updates
Import Imports FTP server profiles from other FTP programs
Quit Exits the program

Copy Copies the selected item to the clipboard
Paste Pastes the item from the clipboard
Delete Deletes the selected item
Properties Displays the properties of the selected item

Toolbar Toggles display of the toolbar
Buttons Toggles display of the buttons
Path & Filename Filter Toggles display of the path and filename filter fields
Session log Toggles display of the session log

Create Directory Creates a directory
Directory Info Displays directory information in Notepad
Directory Compare Compares the local and remote directories
View Views the selected file
Edit Edits the selected item
Execute Executes the selected file
Move Moves the selected item
Rename Renames the selected item
Delete Deletes the selected item
File Permissions Changes the file permissions
Custom Allows custom commands to be entered

Language Changes the program language to the selected language
Settings Allows you to change proxy settings and program settings
Options Allows you to change program settingsi
Proxy/Firewall settings Allows you to change proxy and firewall settings
Sound Allows you to change sound settings
Auto Rename Allows you to set local and remote auto renaming masks for file transfer

Batch Transfer Displays the batch transfer window
Terminal Displays the terminal window (FTP commands)
Compare Compares the local and remote files

Add to Bookmarks Adds the current FTP server to bookmarks

About Shows information about the program
Register From here you may enter your license details in order to register the program
Help Displays program popup help
Manual Selecting this will open up the manual that you are currently reading
FAQ Gives you a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' to help you identify and solve common issues with BidTracker