ROI Calculators

Trellian Toolbar comes with three useful ROI calculators.

CPC Calculator - Screenshot

CPC (Cost Per Click) Calculator

After asking for your average conversion ratio, average profit and the amount of that profit that you wish to spend, the cost per click calculator will advise you how much you can afford to pay per click on your advertising campaigns.

CPM Calculator - Screenshot

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Calculator

The CPM to CPC calculator will help you to work out how much you are actually paying per 'click' when you purchase bulk impressions.

ROI Calculator - Screenshot

ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator

The ROI calculator will help you to decide how much you will make if you spend "x" dollars by weighing the CPC (cost per click) ratio that you intend on paying by your conversion ratio.

The ROI Calculators are free, with the Trellian Toolbar!

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