Special Tax Cases

Some users may have special tax requirements for specific states or regions. The following is an example of setting up a state based tax of 15% and a 10% tax for all other regions.

Click the Wizard button on the freight tab.
Enter the desired delivery methods and click Next to continue.

Add the regions that require seperate taxation, and click Next.

Select the method by which the delivery charges will be calculated and click Next

Now the tax options need to be specified. Select Tax Options from the Options menu. Click the Edit button.

Select Tax Enabled Shopping Cart. Click Next to continue.

Select Region Based Taxation. Click Next to continue.

Enter the tax rate for each region.Click Next to continue.

Enter the tax rate that will applied to your shipping charges (if applicable). This can be used to set the tax rate on the shipping component of the customer's order. Click Next to continue.

Click OK to complete the process.