The Order Form Tab

This section deals specifically with the Order Form Tab.

Changing the currency symbol
To change the currency symbol, delete the current symbol from the Currency Symbol field, and type the new currency symbol.

Changing the order form comment
Delete or modify the text in the Order Form Comment field. You can enter HTML tags in this field.

Changing the accepted credit cards
To add or remove credit cards, right click in the Accepted Cards window. Click the Add/Remove Credit Cards menu option.

Credit Cards can then be added or removed from the list.

Changing the order form template
The order form has an associated layout template. This is a HTML file with embedded substitution $VARIABLES, that determines the overall appearance of the order form web page.To edit the order form template, edit the HTML code in the HTML Order Form Template window. The variable names begin with $. The value of the variables are shown in the Variables tab. The variables names from the Inventory Tab are shown in the following table:

Variable Description

Product Code$CODE
Page title$PAGETITLE
Link To$LINK
Freight (only if cost per order shipping is implemented)$FREIGHT
Label$LABEL1, $LABEL2 etc
Value$FIELD1, $FIELD2 etc
Category Product Index%CategoryList%
Category Product Index (2 columns)%CategoryList2%
Embed HTML filename%FILE=filename%
Cost of one item (order form template only)%UNITPRICE%
Cost of all the items (order form template only)%PRICE%
Used to build a page containing the items from product number x<PRODUCTX> ....</PRODUCTX>

Button Description

DefaultSets the template back to the default settings
LoadLoads a HTML file to replace the order form
ViewOpens the template in a web browser for viewing