Processing Orders

After downloading the orders, you need to process the orders. The new orders have a yellow pending status image. After the order has been clicked on, the status changes to the normal pending image.

Click on an order to view the product ordered and the payment details.

Order status
Each order has a status icon. When the orders are downloaded, they all have the status of pending. After an order has been processed, the status can be changed to one of the following:

The order is new
The order is pending
The order payment has been charged
The order payment has been rejected
The order has been dispatched
The order requires confirmation
The order is on backorder
The order payment has been charged back (refunded)

As each order is processed, the status of the order can be set by selecting a radio button corresponding to the status.

Charging an order
Ensure you have set up a Payment Gateway account in Preferences before charging an order. Select the order you wish to charge by clicking on the order. Click the Charge button to connect to the Payment Gateway service.