Publishing the store

After building your store, you will need to publish the store to the Internet. Before publishing your store you will need to set up an order server account. See the Order Server section of the manual for more information. Ensure that your ftp and hosting details are entered in Preferences . When you are ready to publish your store, click the Build button to open the Build window. Build the store to ensure that the files are up to date.

Click the Publish button to open the Publish window. If you are uploading the store for the first time, all the files will need to be uploaded. Click the Connect button to connect to your ftp server. Once connected, click the Compare button to check which files need to be uploaded. eComm will check which files have been changed since the last upload, and mark them accordingly. Files that need to be uploaded have a red clock icon. Files that are current have a green tick icon.

Click the Upload button to start the file transfer. The ftp commands are shown at the bottom of the window. When the files have been uploaded, they will be marked with a green tick.

Click the Disconnect button to close the connection to your ftp server. Your store is now on the Internet. To access your store, enter the URL in a web browser.