Starting A New Project

Each store you build will be created as a new project. eComm provides a wizard to help you configure your store. The wizard starts up automatically when creating your first store, and anytime you create a new store.

You can navigate forward and back through the wizard using the Next and Back buttons at the bottom of the wizard. You can start the interactive help option at any time by pressing the Help button on each page of the wizard.

To create a new project, select New Store from the File menu.

Enter a folder name for the project to be saved in. These characters , . / \\ ? or - may not be used in the project folder name. Click Next to continue.

Enter a name for your store. This title will be used at the top of each page in your store. You can change this title later. Click Next to continue.

Select a style and schema for your store. The layout selector allows you to choose a layout style from the left hand list and then select a layout schema from the right hand list. The Layout Style allows you to select the overall feel of the site, you can see a preview of the default styles on the right hand side as you select them. The schema for a given style generally changes the color and small layout items, but the style is similar. The style and schema can be changed later, however custom changes will be lost when changing to a new template. Click Next to continue.

Enter the contact details for your store.Click Next to continue.

Select the credit cards your store will accept. These are automatically applied to your order page. To select a card that your store will accept, highlight the name of the card you wish to add on the left hand list of cards and click the ">>" button in to move the card to the list on the right. To remove a selected card from the list, simply highlight the card in the selected list on the right and click the "<<" button to remove the card. To add a card type that does not appear on the list, enter the name of the card in the "Other" box at the bottom of the wizard and click the ">>" button next to the "Other" field. Cards can be added and removed later. Click Next to continue.

Enter a message to be displayed at the bottom of the order from. If your bank requires company details on the order form, enter the details here. You may use HTML or just plain text. You may wish to include information about shipping times and other items related to ordering and order processing. Click Next to continue.

Enter a message to be displayed on the confirmation page after a customer has submitted an order. It is often useful to include things like how long their order will take to be processed, usual shipping times, contact information for your sales staff in case there is a problem with their order. Click Next to continue.

To publish your store on the Internet, the store will need to be hosted. To set up web hosting, click the Subscribe button and follow the prompts. If you already have web hosting, click the Next button to continue.

Enter shipping and freight details. eComm allows you to specify up to 3 shipping methods. You will be able to specify the countries and regions that you ship to in the next screen of the wizard. You can enter more specific details about shipping under the freight tab in the program itself. You can specify the calculations for the freight after finishing with this wizard. Click the Next button to continue.

Select the countries that the store will ship to. Select a country by highlighting the country name on the left and clicking the ">>" button to move the country to the selected countries list. You can remove countries from your selection list by highlighting the country name on the right and clicking the "<<" button. You can use the "other" section of this wizard to add your own countries or regions. Click the Next button to continue.

Specify how to calculate the freight for each order from the store.If you select "Set Price Per Order", the price in the .5 weight category will be the set price per order. If you select "Set Price per Item", then the value in the freight field on inventory tab will set the freight cost. Click the Next button to continue.

Specify how to calculate tax on the order. If you select "Tax enabled shopping cart" the wizard will prompt you for tax information. For information and instructions for tax, see the Tax section of the manual. Click the Next button to continue.

If you selected "No Tax" the setup wizard will finish. You can now enter product details.