Adding a List

A product list allows you to place more than one product into a price list on a single page in the store. This is good for cross selling or listing related products on a single page. (It can also be used to create a list of product discounts if buying large numbers of items will result in the buyer obtaining a cheaper price). Below is a sample list.

To create a list, select the section of the store that you wish to add the list to from the store tree. Then click the List button. You can also use the New List button on the toolbar, or right click and select New then List from the popup menu. Enter a name for the list. The contents of the list will be displayed in the product pane.

After creating a new list, you can enter the list details on the Inventory tab.To preview the list in your web browser, click the Preview button. For more information about the fields on the Inventory tab, see the Interface section of the manual.

Adding existing products to the list
You can add existing products from anywhere in the store to the list by copying the product and pasting it into the list. You can also add existing products by creating products in the list with the same product number as those in the other parts of the store.