Adding a Category

A Category help you to break your store up into related components. You can create a category and then add other categories, products, shelves and lists below it.

To create a new category, select the section of the store that you wish to add the category to from the store tree. Then click the Category button. You can also use the New Category button on the toolbar, or right click and select New then Category from the popup menu. Enter a name for the category.

After creating a new category, you can enter the category details on the Inventory tab. To preview the category in your web browser, click the Preview button. For more information about the fields on the Inventory tab, see the Interface section of the manual.

Moving existing components into categories
You can add existing products and shelves to a category by dragging the product or shelf on to the category in the store tree.

Adding new components to the category
You can add components to the category by highlighting the category in the Store Tree and adding new components to it with the toolbar or button bar. This option will not be enabled if a category cannot be added to the section of the Store Tree that you have highlighted. You cannot add an image to a category using the Inventory tab. You must place the image into the description section of the Inventory tab using HTML.

Note: You can use a category with no items beneath it to add an informational page (without products) to the store.