Menu Options

New StoreCreate a new store
Open StoreOpens an existing store
Save Saves changes to the store
Save AsSaves the store with a different file name
Restore from backupRestores the current store from the backup
ImportImports data from a comma delimited text file
MergeMerges two shops together
UpgradeConnects to the Trellian server then checks for Software Updates
Work offlineeComm works offline and does not attempt to connect to the Internet
QuitExits eComm

CopyCopies the selected item or text to the Clipboard
PastePastes the current data from the Clipboard
EnableToggles an item that is disabled (not visible in the store when built) to visable
DisableToggles an item that is enabled (visible in the store when built) to invisible
DeleteDeletes the current item or category
New CategoryCreates a new category in the store
New ProductCreates a new product in the store
New ShelfCreates a new shelf in the store
New ListCreates a new list in the store
New PageCreates a new page in the store
New LinkCreates a new link in the store
InsertInserts an item into the store
FindAllows you to search the currently selected text field
Select AllHighlights all items in the current section of the store

OrdersDisplays the current orders from your store in a browser window
ToolbarToggles display of the toolbar
ButtonsToggles display of the buttons on the main screen
Default label fieldsToggles display of the label fields in the Inventory tab

PreferencesAllows you to change program settings
Preview PagePreviews the currently selected page in a browser window
Build StoreGenerates the HTML pages for your store in the specified directory, then displays the index page in a browser window
Add/Remove Credit CardsAllows you to add or remove credit cards accepted by your store
Add/Remove Freight RegionsAllows you to add or remove regions for tax purposes
Tax OptionsAllows you to view and/or change the store tax options
Import Freight TablesImports freight tables from a different store

AboutShows information about the program
HelpDisplays popup help
RegisterFrom here you can enter your license details to register the program
FAQGives you a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' to help you identify and solve common issues with eComm
ManualSelecting this will open up the manual that you are currently reading
Other ProductsStarts other Trellian programs