The Reports page allows you to generate and optionally export reports including statistics and revenue for a specific time period or campaign.

You can access reports by clicking Reports on the Trellian Direct Search Network toolbar. The default view is for Today, grouped by Keyword.

Reports - Today, Grouped by: Campaign

You can see a custom report by changing the options, then clicking the View button. You can Group By 'Day and Keyword','SubID', Campaign (Category) or by Date, which will show a daily break down of statistics and Cost

You can export any report to CSV format by clicking the Export link at the bottom-right of the table.

Visitor Reports

By clicking on the traffic count link for any folder or campaign, you can view specific details such as the Geo, Subid and Timestamp for each and every visitor.


What do the columns mean?


Name of the campaign. The traffic type and the geo target are also shown in this column.

My Bid

Your current maximum bid for this campaign.

Average Bid

The average cost per visit you are CURRENTLY paying for this campaign (not over the selected time period).

Highest Bid

The highest bid required to win all traffic for the campaign.


The average rank achieved for the selected period.

Daily Limit

Current daily spend limit for this campaign.


Cost of the campaign over the selected period.

Remaining Daily Budget

The amount remaining in the Daily Budget for this Campaign.

Note: This will only display for a single day viewed.


Average Cost Per Visit for the selected period.


Amount credited for this campaign during the selected period.

Note: This will only display if a credit has been made.


Total visits sent to your website for the selected period. This includes bots and repeat users, which you are not charged for depending on the Frequency Cap set.


Visits that were unbilled for the selected period.


Revenue for the selected period, reported by ROI tracking.


Actions for the selected period, such as sales, leads or conversions.


Date and time (PST) when the visitor was sent to the Target URL.