Adding Run of Network Campaign

You can start a new Run of Network Campaign by targeting traffic for specific countries and setting advanced options such as Traffic Type, Adult filter, Operating System and Price. This allows greater control over your campaign and the relevancy achieved will depend on the options used.

Creating a Run of Network Campaign

Step 1

Start your Run of Network campaign by clicking Add Campaigns from the Trellian Direct Search Network toolbar. You can then either select Add New Folder and add a folder name or choosing an existing campaign folder. Then choose Run of Network as the Campaign Type and select the countries to target using the arrow to add them to your list.

Step 2

Set your daily limit. This field can be left blank for no daily limit.

Step 3

Select your target demographic by expanding the "Traffic Type", "Adult filter", "OS Targeting" and "Browser Targeting" headings and choosing from the options.

Note: Traffic type "All", Adult filter "All (no filter)", OS Targeting "All" and Browser Targeting "All" are set by default.

Step 4

Select the max price you will pay for per visitor receive.

Step 5

Enter your Target URL. Make sure to use the full URL including http://

Step 6

Set the Frequency Cap for the number of visits per unique visitor in a 24 hour period.

Note:Subsequent visits will not be served to you.

Decide if you would like to activate this campaign now or later.

Important: Make sure you click the Add To Dashboard button to create the campaign.

Step 7

Monitor your bids and campaign in your personalized dashboard and reporting sections.

For more information on managing campaigns, see the Campaign Management manual page.