Adding Keywords

You can start a new Keyword Campaign by including specific search terms and defining negative keywords. This allows greater control over your campaign and the relevancy achieved will depend on the keyword choice.

Creating a Keyword Campaign

Take control: Create individual campaigns for the Keywords that you wish to dominate!

Step 1

Start your Keyword campaign by clicking Add Campaigns from the Trellian Direct Search Network toolbar. You can then either select Add New Folder and add a folder name or choosing an existing campaign folder. Then select Keyword as the Campaign Type and add your keywords.

Note: A maximum of 40 Keywords can be added at one time.

Tip: You can exclude keywords by prefixing each one with a hyphen. See the Managing Stop Words manual page for more information.

Create Keyword Campaign

Step 2

Set your bid.

Create Keyword Campaign

Step 3

Establish your daily budget. This field can be left blank for no daily limit.

Create Keyword Campaign

Step 4

Select your target demographic by expanding the "Traffic Type" and "Geo Targeting" heading and choose from the options.

Note: Traffic type All and Geo Targeting Global are set by default.

Create Keyword Campaign

Step 5

Enter your Target URL. Make sure to use the full URL including http://

Create Keyword Campaign

Step 6

Set the Frequency Cap for the number of visits per unique visitor in a 24 hour period.

Note: Subsequent visits will not be served to you.

Create Keyword Campaign

Decide if you would like to activate this campaign now or later.

Note: Make sure you click the Create Campaign button to generate the campaign.

Step 7

Monitor your bids and campaign in your personalized dashboard and reporting sections.

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