API Queries - List Account Keywords

The list_account_keywords function shows all of your Keywords and Campaign folders with their settings and status. No additional parameters are required for this function.

Note: Make sure to URL encode all values.

Example query and response:

Example query:



<result Bid_1="4.95" Bid_2="" Bid_3="" Bid_4="" Bid_5="" Charge="" Daily_Limit="4.00"
Geo_Target="" Keywords="3" Maximum_Bid="5.000" Negative_Keywords="" Rank="" 
Status="Active" Target_URL="http://www.report-credit.com" Traffic_Type="desktop" 
Type="Campaign" Vertical="credit reports"/>
<result Bid_1="1.40" Bid_2="" Bid_3="" Bid_4="" Bid_5="" Charge="" Daily_Limit="30.00"
Geo_Target="" Keywords="1" Maximum_Bid="10.100" Negative_Keywords="" Rank="" 
Status="Active" Target_URL="http://www.trellian.com" Traffic_Type="" 
Type="Campaign" Vertical="sercond folder"/>

If there are no campaigns in your account, the response will not be an error. Instead, this will be shown:


Error Responses:

Possible error responses for this function are:

General errors, such as 200 - Internal Error or 300 - Username or password invalid.

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.