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One of the most useful functions of Trellian WebPAGE is the ability to be able to insert HTML markup from premade files. This can be extremely useful for web sites that have common tables, headers, footers or even forms. The in built HTML markup importer can even be used to store pre made HTML for templates.

If you find that you are using a form over and over, for example. You should copy the HTML of that form, create a new project and paste it in, and save it to a folder that you will remember the location of. The next time you need to use that form, all you have to do is go to the top of your editor and click the insert tab, then click HTML Markup. The following mini editor will appear:

You can use this editor to create files that you can save for later use, or you can load pre saved files that you have already made in the past. If you wish to load a form that you have previously made, just click file, open and locate the file that you would like to load. Once it has loaded the HTML into the mini editor, just select ok, and the text will appear in your main document.

The Insert Menu

To save even more time, you should make constant use of the Insert Menu, which is located at the very top of WebPAGE's interface. You will see the HTML Markup tab, as mentioned above and you will find that you can insert many other pre made codes and functions, in much the same way.

You can instantly insert Iframe's, lists, comments, marquee's tables, and many other useful and commonly used functions.

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