Trellian WebPage - Přehled

OverviewDrag & Drop Interface

Easy to use, intuitive drag & drop interface - Instant preview screen which supports three common screen widths - Instant form creation tools - External FTP and image software support and cooperation - Onboard Quick FTP uploading - Tips Wizard - Every useful HTML attribute is literally a click or two away - Instant source view for those that like to hand code - Instant table creation - Spell checker - and heaps more.

OverviewAdjustable Previews

Making sure that web pages look acceptable in various screen sizes can be quite a task. WebPAGE has a one click screen size previewer, so you can instantly see what your page will look like at 640 width, 800 width and 1024 width screen sizes. The screenshot is showing a 640 width preview.

OverviewBuilt in FTP to publish your pages

Uploading files is easy with WebPAGE. Providing that you have already configured the server settings, all you need to do is simply open the Quick FTP control panel from the file menu and connect. Within seconds your documents will be live!

OverviewColorized HTML Source Editor

WebPAGE includes HTML editing tools and explorers so you can easily find the piece of code you require with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can even get your hands dirty with a little bit of Java Scripting.

OverviewTable Creation Wizard

Creating tables with the Table wizard is a breeze. Simply click Insert on the top menu, then Table and you will see the Table Wizard appear. Then all you need to do is tell the wizard how many rows and columns you want, along with the width and height, as well as whether or not to make a border and there are cellpadding and cellspacing settings. Then select ok, and within seconds you will have created a table for your page.

To make things even easier , the Table Wizard also has an instant preview screen, so that you can see the result of the settings that you have chosen.

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