Classify PRO - Overview

Ad Details Screen

Details about each Ad are entered in the main window. These include the Ad Headline, Description, Price, links to a Photo etc. The information is stored in a project file, and is used by Classify PRO to ensure submission only to appropriate categories and sites.

Company/Contact Details Screen

A simple screen is used to enter your contact details. An address, a phone number or an email where persons interested in your ad can contact you.

Site Selector Screen

Classify PRO has a database of over 1500 classified sites. Submission to around 500 of these is fully automated and you can choose which ones of these you wish your ad submitted to. Classify PRO will suggest a list of the most appropriate sites based on your site content, and keep a history of previous submissions for each engine.

Category Selector

A great time saving feature is the category selection. You only need to categorize your ad ONCE, and Classify PRO will automatically submit your ads to the most appropriate sections on each site.

Submission Progress Status

Classify PRO will submit your site concurrently to 20 engines at a time. The status of each submission can be monitored in real time via the progress status screen. The submission process is very fast, and it should not take more than a few minutes to submit your ad to hundreds of sites.

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