Top 3 Tips to Optimize Your Keyword Campaigns

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Reaching your target audience online is crucial for success, and keyword selection plays a key role in doing so. The concept behind keyword targeting is simple: by properly identifying popular keywords used when people are actively interested in buying your product or service, you can ensure they discover your offer.

For over 10 years now, we have found our clients are most successful when these strategies are incorporated into their keyword selection:

1. Take Advantage of Negative Keywords:

The power to exclude keywords is just as valuable as targeting them. Negative keywords can be added to exclude specific keywords from your campaigns and block traffic from terms such as trademarks, brands, unrelated or non-performing phrases.

If you have questions about setting up a keyword campaign with negative keywords, email an account manager and tell them about the offers you’re running. They can suggest keywords and negative keywords to ensure only the most likely users to convert are sent to your landing page.

2. Avoid Complex, Long-Tail Keywords:
If you are running a keyword campaign, be aware that more complex, long-tail keywords will generally result in a significant decrease in volume. All domains in our system have been carefully researched for user intent so that only highly relevant traffic is sent to your campaigns. Therefore, using short one- or two-word keywords that most closely resemble the offer or product you are promoting will give your campaign the best chance for success.


3. Ask Your Account Manager for Help
Each account is assigned a personal account manager/traffic specialist. Your account manager can help every step of the way as you create your campaigns. Contact your account manager for help with keyword selection, bid strategy, campaign optimization, and everything in-between!

Remember, our platform does not recognize punctuation or grammatical symbols. The system matches all misspells, plurals, space and no space keywords to the intent of the domain. There is no need to enter both the singular and plural or space and no space versions of the same keyword.

Do you have questions about setting up your keyword campaign? Contact your account manager for tips to ensure your campaigns are set up properly and running smoothly!