KeywordDiscovery: Free Live Tutorials

KeywordDiscovery has introduced free live tutorials, which are designed for different skill levels; from basic usage to the more advanced KeywordDiscovery features. The tutorials are separated into three sessions; KeywordDiscovery Basics, KeywordDiscovery Power Tools and KeywordDiscovery Power Tools for Professional … Read More

KeywordDiscovery: More Keyword and Search Engines Statistics

The Keyword Statistics Report allows you to quickly see search behavior trends and how the nature of search differs per country. Since the average number of terms per search phrase varies substantially from country to country, you will gain some … Read More

KeywordDiscovery: Adult and Question Phrases Databases are now available via API

KeywordDiscovery Enterprise users can now access the Adult and Question Phrases databases via the API. The adult database returns search terms only containing adult keywords. Alternatively, using the Research tool you can filter adult terms. Question phrases will show search … Read More

New Advanced Analyze Tool

A keyword search in Keyword Discovery returns a list of keywords sorted in descending order. Further analysis can be performed to help qualify keywords. Previously, you could perform a keyword analysis only on keywords found by Keyword Discovery. Now, with … Read More

Importing Keywords into Keyword Discovery is Now Easier

The import tool allows you to import you own list of keywords from meta tags, extract keywords from a URL, projects, from a text file, or by directly copy and pasting, directly into Keyword Discovery. Your keywords can then be … Read More

Keyword Competitors Tool

A new and advanced Competitors tool has been released that quickly identifies who your top organic and PPC competitors are for any given keyword or even a group of search terms. At the same time other key data metrics are … Read More

Keyword Discovery – Industry Search – NEW FEATURE

Industry Category Search to find Related Industry Terms Industry Categories search queries the Industry Terms database to display categories that the keyword(s) fall under. This is useful for the following reasons: – Locating related keywords that are driving traffic … Read More

Keyword Discovery – Successful Search Score – NEW FEATURE

Successful Search Score A new data point has been added to the Analyze function, which contains the percentage of searches that generated a click on one of the search results. That is, what percent of people that did that … Read More

Keyword Discovery – Also Searched – NEW FEATURE RELEASE

Also Searched This feature lists the most commonly searched keywords, searched for by the same users that also searched for the supplied search term. For example for the seed search term "eminem" these are some of the other "Also Searched" … Read More Updates and Feature Releases

A range of updates and new feature were recently releases at