AdaURL Features

Site Details Screen

Comprehensive Details are entered for each URL. The information is stored in a project file, and is used by AdaURL to ensure submission only to appropriate catagories and sites.
Company/Contact Details Screen

Company and Contact details can be entered for listing in Yello-Pages type indexes.
Engine Selector Screen

AdaURL will sugest a list of the most appropriate sites based on your site content, and keep a history of previous submissions for each engine.
Category Selector

A great time saving feature. You only need to categorize your site ONCE, and AdaURL will automatically submit your URL to the most appropriate section of each engine.

There is no guesswork involved. AdaURL has an exact map file for each engine which tells it which categories the engine supports and how and where to submit your URL.
Keyword Manager

To ensure the optimum indexing of your page, AdaURL can examine the page being submitted and compile a list of keywords for you. It will also generate HTML META tags which you may insert into your document. These tags are used by indexing spiders to correctly process the submitted page.
Submission Progress Status

AdaURL will submit your site concurrently to 20 engines at a time. The status of each submission can be monitored in real time via the progress status screen.