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Trellian WebSafe is a HTML encryptor, which will turn the HTML of your website into encrypted code (garble), so that it will be safe from light fingered intruders, uninvited information collectors and spiders.

Trellian WebSafe also performs as a function disabler, unwanted tag stripper and HTML optimizer. With Trellian WebSafe HTML encryptor, you can instantly disable the right click function on your entire website, encrypt HTML pages, strip unwanted tags caused by WYSIWYG editors and more!

Trellian WebSafe will not alter the the physical look of your pages in any way.


  • Five encryption levels that you can choose to from, low level to very high.
  • Rock solid protection of your contact information against site spiders and other uninvited information collectors.
  • Reduce HTML file sizes by up to 50% by stripping unnecessary tags which WYSIWYG editors are renowned for adding.
  • Protect your images, artwork, designs, music files, website templates and much more.
  • And much more..
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